Queen Elisabeth Music Voyage: Tour

Brochure édition 2013 – ANG /  Brochure édition 2013 – DE  / Brochure édition 2013 – NL

Septembre 2013 – 4th edition
The Queen Elisabeth Musical Voyage has been designed to unite a love of music with the art of discovery. This takes place in the form of a cruise on a small comfortably sized passenger ship (with about 300 passengers). Its aim is to provide a group of informed music lovers with the opportunity to explore the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel from the inside, together with rich and emotive musical experiences, in line with a superb spirit of companionship. For a whole week, several masters in residence and several guest soloists, approximately ten young soloists in residence at the Music Chapel and one of the best chamber orchestras in the world combine their talents to deliver to an enthusiastic audience, meetings, rehearsals, master classes and two daily concerts – one on board, the other on land, always at an exceptional location. The ‘Silver Wind’, one of today’s finest cruising ships, is an excellent foil to the artistic content of the voyage. This elegant and spacious yacht offers its 200 music-loving passengers the best of comfort, and is indeed, a veritable art of living.

Queen Elisabeth Musical Voyage –  2013
Sinfonia VarsoviaVlaams Radio Koor
Christopher  Warren-Green, conductor
Frank Braley, piano – Augustin Dumay, violin – Abdel Rahman El Bacha, piano
Gary Hoffman, cello – Serguei Nakariarov, trumpet – Kate Royal, soprano

Soloists of the Music Chapel
Elina Buksha, violin – Harriet Langley, violin – Deborah Pae, cello – Esther Yoo, violin – Julien Libeer, piano
Sonja Volten, soprano – Sarah Laulan, mezzo-soprano – Yu Shao, tenor – Charles Dekeyser, bass


Queen Elisabeth Musical Voyage 2011 – Istanbul to Athens
Kusadasi (Ephesus) – Rhodes – Santorini – Nafplion – Athens – Rovinj – Dubrovnik – Corfu – Bari – Split – Trieste (Duino)
DVD presentation – Video Concert

Queen Elisabeth Musical Voyage 2009 – Venice to Venice
Barcelona  – Palma (Majorca) – Tunisia –  Aeolian Islands – Ravello

Queen Elisabeth Musical Voyage – 2007 – Monte Carlo to Rome
Malta (Valletta) – Tripoli (Sabratha) – Al Khoms (Leptis Magna) – Taormina – Naples (Ischia)


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