Sophie Gosselin, General Secretary

Cultural and Communication Department
Sophie Gosselin, Coordination
Bénédicte Bruynseels, Project manager & artist’s village mediator
Sophie van der Stegen, Project manager & social media manager  & MyChapel
Auriane de Fauconval, External Communication & media relations
Muriel Anslot, Internal Communication & webmaster
Paul Borschette, Library

Artistic Department
Muriel Vanderbauwhede, Artistic coordination (voice)
Anne-Lise Parotte, Artistic coordination (piano, violin, cello, chamber music)

Equinox, Solidarity Music Department
Joana Noeth, Coordination
Lami Tchabebou, assistant

Membership & Funding Department
Laurence Godfraind, Coordination
Christine Reyntjens, Public relations
Johanna Filée, Assistant
Marie-Louise Welcker
, Volunteer
Monique De Ridder, Volunteer

Finance & Administration
Quentin Bogaerts, Coordination 
Johanna Filée,
Student support for paperwork

Logistics Department
Karine Vilain
Alain Canivet
Lami Tchabebou


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