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The artistic expenses (fees and salaries of professors and artistic staff) amount to 25,000€ per student per year, on average for the individual sections (piano, violin and voice). For chamber music, the expenses are about half this amount per ensemble.

Each student can apply for financial assistance, on the basis of proven financial need.
To this end the student will fill out a Scholarship Application Form. Financial assistance may take the form of an anonymous scholarship provided by a benefactor of the Music Chapel, or a general scholarship provided by the Music Chapel itself, financed by revenues from its endowment funds. Members of chamber music ensembles should apply individually for a scholarship. The Executive Committee will decide on the scholarship awards. If, in the sole opinion of the Executive Committee, the student does not adequately support his financial assistance request, he will not be awarded a scholarship.
Pledge of Honor
Students accepting a scholarship will be requested to sign a Pledge of Honor whereby they commit themselves to making gifts to the benefit of the Music Chapel, after their leaving the Music Chapel, if and when their personal financial situation enables them to do so. Details of this Honor Pledge will be provided separately as part of the financial assistance package. All other students are encouraged to consider entering voluntarily into a Pledge of Honor.
The recipient of anonymous scholarships undertakes to indicate on his artistic résumé and in all publications that he benefitted from a scholarship for advanced study at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel for the academic year 2013-2014. The beneficiary of an eponymous scholarship will be requested to perform certain concerts as a sign of personal recognition towards the benefactor providing his scholarship. These concerts are part of the regular concert engagements required from all students at the Music Chapel and for which no artistic fees will be paid.

Contact: Students’ logistic & social support


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