46 young talents…

… with you, financed at a rate of more than 80% by the private sector – thanks to the generous support of sponsors, foundations and patrons – the Music Chapel constitutes, by comparison with major cultural institutions, a real pilot project in Belgium and in Continental Europe.  True to the objective set by Queen Elisabeth in 1939 and goaded by need, the Music Chapel is intent of breaking new ground in developing its facilities:  an architectural building with “zero energy” emissions is to be erected in 2014 to accommodate some sixty artists.. If you wish to support our project by lending your very high quality musical instruments, by a donation of scores or instruments, by making accommodation available, or through financial support (donations exceeding €40 and more are tax deductible) or a bequest, please do not hesitate to contact us at 02/352.01.16. 
Funding & Membership Departement 
Laurence Godfraind, coordination –
Christine Reyntjens, public relations –
Johanna Filée, assistant –
Tel.: +32 2 352 01 16 – +32 2 352 01 16 – Fax: + 32 2 351 10 24
IBAN : BE 203 101239339 56 – BIC : BBRUBEBB

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