• 3 Artists Village Animation
    • Ludothèque – Games to buy
    • Board games night
    • Movie night


  • 7 Artists Village cooking
    • Lami Tchabebou is in charge of making students aware all year long, and giving them a lecture at the beginning of the year
    • Cooking activities: Tica Cabral
    • Conference on dietetics, Line Couvreur, les cocottes des filles
    • Conference on dietetics, Veronique Liesse, nutritionist
    • Conference on dietetics, Pauline Pourtois, energetic dietetitian
    • 3 Artists Village cooking, including the Student Party


  • 11 Artists Village Afternoon
    • Patrick Bottin – individual and team sport sessions
      • Bike
      • Swimming pool
    • Yoga, physical therapy..